Aprilpink Who ?





I was diagnosed in February 2014 with Fibromyalgia, after several months of speculation. At first the Doctors thought I had an arthritic condition. After many tests, it was determined that I have Fibromyalgia. Living with permanent chronic pain 24 7 is not an elective lifestyle choice. I did not choose to have fibromyalgia my body did. Every day is pretty much like Groundhog Day.  

Living with permanent pain isn't a easy one to get your head round. Let alone trying to explain to a healthy person what your going through. It doesn't help when Fibromyalgia is known as a invisible illness. You don't look sick comments really do not help. This is why awareness campaigns are so important to educate people.

Poor health has made me realise, how I took so many things for granted when I was fit and healthy. I would quite happily power walk ten miles each week. Now one mile may as well be ten miles. Chronic permanent pain is relentless tiresome debilitating. No matter how many pain killers I take, pain will never go. Several hours of my day are generally spent laying down. I try to take my mind off the pain by watching films and producing art, creative past times . I try to avoid social situations as I find they are both mentally and physically difficult. The daily reminders of life before fibromyalgia, play on my mind and I find hard to accept. I have yet to find a doctor who is compassionate and understanding of fibromyalgia. It is hard to keep positive when being told there is NO CURE.

Do not take your health and fitness for granted. You never know when it may be taken. No matter how hard some days are. I refuse to loose my smile, there are people in a much worse condition than I in life. I appreciate life much more now than I ever did. The love of people close to me helps. I see life through very different eyes the beauty of art and nature helps me escape. I do not write for sympathy but for understanding x